Mayfair’s Mission is to use dance instruction and performance opportunities to empower, educate and employ the children of our community so they can flourish as confident, committed and culturally aware leaders of the future.


To inspire children through dance as the best performing school in Chicago that leverages an expanded artistic curriculum, rigorous training and performance opportunities. We produce strong technical dancers within a fun & supportive family of arts professionals and mentors that instills a sense of personal pride, strength and accomplishment in our students.


Current Location 87th & Bennett

Original Mayfair Location 7923 South Park

76th and Cottage Grove

Mayfair Academy was established in 1957 by world-renowned Tap Master Mr. Tommy Sutton who realized that at the time his own children, as well as the children of his community, were being neglected of the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of dance and performance within their community. With this in mind, he established Mayfair Academy on Chicago’s Southside in a small storefront on 79th & So. Park. Enrollment grew rapidly with a move to 76th & Cottage Grove and then to 1025 E. 79th Street which was Mayfair’s Home for over 45 years. In 2004 Mayfair expanded with a new location in the Southern Suburbs, Mayfair Too! In 2011 Mayfair put forth a capital gain fundraising program and purchased a new building at 8701 S. Bennett which is currently it’s home. The goal & purpose of this facility will be used as a new cultural arts center in the reemerging renaissance of the South Shore neighborhood on Chicago’s south side. In addition to dance classes, Mayfair would like to provide the community with programs that span a diverse range of arts education and appreciation for current and future students of all ages. Mayfair continues to provide the best possible dance education for the children and adults of its community that is displayed by the support that we have received from students, parents and the dance community at large over the last 60 years.

Mayfair continues to thrive in the community which gave it its origins and has become a cultural landmark and a source of pride for all of its students. Over the years Mayfair Academy has taught thousands of students and still flourishes as Mr. Sutton’s legacy. Mayfair is currently under the direction of Mr. Sutton’s daughter, Peggy Sutton who realizes that her purpose is to continue the legacy her father left before her. Ms. Peggy Sutton became the director of Mayfair in 1978. Carrying the torch from her father she has continued the legacy of Mayfair and elevated the vision of excellence in dance and performance education. As an after-school and weekend facility, Mayfair’s fine arts curriculum consists of over 60 classes per week from the physical art of dance to performance arts, dance concerts, as well as music appreciation & education

Mayfair Students gain mental, physical & artistic motivation from the individual devotion they put into their classes and also through the teamwork and group participation required for live shows and performances, which also translates to their lives at home, and at school as evidenced by 80% of all Mayfair Alumni who continue on to college. Mayfair teaches discipline, structure, and confidence through physical activity, which are gifts that last a lifetime. Through the gifts learned at Mayfair, students have excelled in all walks of life, as evidenced by the grace and poise of our former First Lady, Michelle Obama who is a Mayfair Alum.